Mentor Study:  A.E. Backus, d. 1990


Member:   OPA - Oil Painters of America
WPSE - Women Painters of Southeast

         AWA -  American Women Artists
 AIS - American Impressionists Society


My American Indian heritage - Annishanabee - The People- Ojibwe from White Earth Reservation, White Earth, MN is portrayed not only in my art, but in my spirit.  As the first generation off the reservation, I was raised in San Diego, California, with childhood memories filled with developing my love of nature and an appreciation of the real and spiritual nature of my heritage. 

A self-described independently driven person, I pursued higher education and graduated from University of Miami Law School .  My legal career was that of a General Magistrate in the Family and Juvenile Courts of Miami, FL.  I continued my self-education of art throughout my childrearing and legal careers   Holding bar memberships in the State Bars of Florida, Montana and Louisiana, I continued to paint while working in the legal field.  The areas in which I worked gave tremendous opportunity for development of my art.  

I have a distinct love of tonal landscape painting, both in traditional moody tonalism and in impressionist realism.  The tranquility and peaceful subtlety of low country and backcountry scenes make painting en plein air even more exciting.  While living in Florida, I had the privilege of studying with the late A.E. Backus, who inspired my love for the Everglades and transforming that love into permanent memories for my collectors.

As you view my portfolio of works, both on this website and also on www.judyfullerfineart.com,  you will notice my love for two distinct styles of paint application and treatment.  The Expressive Heritage Collection involves your imagination in creativity as you feel the spirit of American Indian Dancers at night.  My Traditional Tonal Landscapes offer the emotive peace and tranquility of spaces around me. While each style is distinct from the other, the application of paints, in layers, and glazes, and various mediums in oil, are very much alike.

Painting is my soul and spirit.  I, like my American Indian ancestors, am an artistic storyteller.  

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